Another world-class barrel – El Muelle, in front of the Famara harbour

El Muelle breaks over the shallow volcanic reef, lefts and rights

Works best on bigger North swells, especially when San Juan starts maxing out. On smaller days you can jump off the rocks, on bigger days you should paddle out from the harbour. El Muelle breaks between El Cagao and El Codito. This hollow, fast, barreling wave is very popular among local surfers. Avoid crowded days and low tide.

Board recommendation

El Muelle is a very fast and powerful wave, so you want to surf it on a skinny pin, or round tail board, probably with some nose rocker for the vertical take-off. Local surf shops in Caleta de Famara offer a wide range of rental boards. If you rent a surfboard for surfing El Muelle, we always recommend, that you start on the edge of the crowd. Don’t paddle straight to the peak, take it slow, and your time will come. Otherwise, it might just never happen.

Surrounding Spots

Next to El Muelle, you will find more quality waves such as El Codito, El Barco, Playa Famara, El Cagao, and San Juan.

  • Wave direction: rights & lefts
  • Surfers level: advanced to pro
  • Bottom: sharp volcanic rocks
  • Type of wave: reef break
  • Surfable tides: all tides
  • Best tide: high
  • Best wind: SW – SE
  • Swell window: NW – NE
  • Required swell size: 2m-4m
  • Shore facing: N
  • Crowd factor: ultra high
  • Atmosphere: war
  • Hazards: powerful wave, sharp lava reef, sea urchins, hidden rocks, strong rips
  • Parking: easy
  • Access: beach, harbour

Eat & Sleep in the El Muelle area

El Muelle breaks in front of the heart of the village Caleta de Famara, its ancient harbour. From here it’s only a few minutes walk to the restaurant El Risco, or simple tapas bars. Surf house, and apartments accommodation available. Best offers are found at local surf camps.

Surf Schools

El Barco is not suitable for beginner surf lessons, as it’s too far out from the shore. Surf schools are located on the main street in Famara. They offer board rental, surf courses, and accommodation.