Kite rental in Famara

Experienced kitesurfers who do not need kitesurfing lessons are welcome to make use of our accompanied kite rental in Famara. You will be accompanied by a kite instructor to ensure the correct use of the equipment. And if the wind suddenly changes, the equipment can be changed on the spot. The kitesurfing equipment is rented for a use of 3 hours.

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Especially when the wind conditions are good, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation. You do not have to commit to a specific kite size. The kite instructor accompanying you will take several options with you to the beach, so you can decide on the spot what you want to use. Another advantage of our accompanied kite rental is that when the wind changes, a quick kite swap can take place immediately on the beach.

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Our kites

Our kites are from Cabrinha, from 5 to 12m, with appropriate harnesses, helmets, twin tips and kitesurf boards. If you need a wetsuit, we will be happy to provide it for you. We are equipped with wetsuits from Rip Curl and Xcel.

Wind conditions in Famara

We are dependent on the tides. We can only kite in the low tide range. At high tide, the water rises so high that there is no more room to launch the kite. If you would like to know more about kitesurfing in Famara and our kite school, we recommend that you check the following articles.

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