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The boat wave

A classic longboard wave

The boat wave breaks over a deep outer reef, between El Muelle and El Codito. It’s located in front of the centre of the village of Caleta de Famara. The boat wave received its name from a shipwreck, which still sticks out of the water on lower tides. You can paddle out from Codito, or the harbour of Famara. This mellow right-hander is suitable for intermediate surfers, longboarders, SUP and Foil surfers. Rarely gets crowded, due to a longer paddle. 

Board recommendation for the boat wave

The boat wave is quite a fat wave, so you should go for a bigger board. Longboards and SUP surfboards are perfect for this wave. A board rental for two weeks will cost you the same, or less, as bringing your own stuff. And last but not least, it’s much more comfortable to travel without surfboards. A couple of minutes’ walk from the boat wave you will get to the main road of Caleta de Famara with all the surf shops.

Surrounding Spots

Next to the boat wave, you will find more quality waves such as El Codito, El Muelle, El Cagao, Playa Famara, and San Juan.

  • Wave direction: rights
  • Surfers Level: advanced to pro
  • Bottom: sand and rocks
  • Type of wave: sandy reef
  • Best Tide: All tides
  • Best wind: SW-SE
  • Swell window: North West to North East
  • Required swell size: 2m-6m
  • Shore facing: N
  • Crowd factor: low
  • Atmosphere: friendly
  • Hazards: powerful wave, breaks far from shore, strong rips on bigger swells
  • Parking: easy
  • Access: beach, harbour

Eat & Sleep in the boat wave area

The boat wave breaks just in front of the village Caleta de Famara, which is a paradise for food lovers. From Michelin’s guide mentioned restaurant El Risco, to simple tapas bars. Loads of accommodation options are available. Check out local flats and surf camps.

Surf Schools in Famara

The boat wave is not suitable for beginner surf lessons, as it’s too far out from the shore. Surf schools are located on the main street in Famara. They offer board rental, surf lessons, and accommodation.