surfing lanzarote

Surfing Lanzarote is like surfing on a different planet

World-class surf spots, volcanic landscape, and crystal clear water

Lanzarote belongs to the Canary Islands Archipelago. It’s located around 100 km to the West, off the South Moroccan coast. It’s very sunny, dry and warm all year round. Some 50 surf spots for different levels. Spread on a tiny island, you could cross by car in half an hour. There is something for everyone.

From beginner-friendly beach breaks to internationally renowned heavy world-class barrels

The island offers an excellent choice of surfboard rentals and professional surf schools. It’s the ideal place for those, who want to learn it from scratch or improve. The Spanish Mediterranean local food is fantastic and surprisingly affordable, same as accommodation. Only 3–4 hours takes a flight from Central Europe to Lanzarote. Find out, why our island is known as European Hawaii!

Surf Seasons


During the winter, from September to March, the island receives solid ground swells from North to West. Quemao Class Big Wave Invitational and other international surfing competitions,  take place on the North Shore of Lanzarote during the winter season. The South and then East coast of Lanzarote are also full of surf spots, but they are not as consistent as the surf spots in the North West area of the island.

From December to April, the water temperature can vary between 17 and 21℃. On a sunny and wind-still day, you might want to go for a quick paddle in board shorts, but for a proper session, most people feel comfortable using a full suit 3 mm. If you need one or want to try different boards, check out our well-stocked surf shop in Famara.


Summer is mostly characterised by wind swells and easy waves on our beach in Famara. Ideal for learners and intermediate surfers. Predominant at this time of the year is the North East winds, which can create some fun waves on the east coast. The reef breaks on the Northern Shore of Lanzarote are usually flat during the summer.

The water temperature varies between 23 and 26℃, so you want to prepare board shorts and a spring suit, just in case. If you like stress-free travelling, consider renting surfboards, instead of bringing yours. If you want to learn to surf from scratch, please check out our surf lessons for beginners and intermediates in Famara.

Importance of surfing etiquette

Surfing Lanzarote means sharing the surf spots with other surfers. Local surfers know their Island best, so when you are in doubt, have a good look at what they are doing. You should be friendly and show respect, obeying the surfing etiquette, otherwise, you can get into serious trouble. In the water, there is no road patrol, which can stop an unqualified driver, and, if necessary, take him out of the traffic — for his safety and the safety of others. The same situation in surfing, it’s all about safety. There are waves for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, and, if you overestimate your skills, you put not only yourself in danger but everyone else in the water. Usually, local surfers are taking care of this issue in the water.


The term Localism describes aggressive behaviour by local surfers towards visiting surfers. Localism appears everywhere, typically where the waves are worth fighting for. The more powerful and perfect the waves, the stronger localism you will face if you want to surf. The only exception is private resort waves in the Indian Ocean, but only a few can afford them. Therefore, most of us will have to share waves — always respecting the surfing etiquette!

Localism is the result of global surfing popularisation. International Surfing Events, promoted by the global surf industry, are becoming always more popular. Surf spots are limited, and always more people are attracted by surfing. As a result, it’s just a matter of time, before the friendly peace & love atmosphere in the water turns into a testosterone competition.

How to avoid Localism? Embody the Surfing Etiquette, wake up early, avoid prime time & tide of the day, and you will be scoring!

Surf Spots Lanzarote — detailed info about swells, tides, and more

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