Playa Famara

The main part of Playa Famara is a 6km long sandy beach open for swells from West to North East.

Playa Famara is probably one of the most consistent surf spots in Europe with waves all year round

For beginners, Playa Famara works best around low tide, when the waves close out, creating perfect foam waves. Mid to High tide makes the waves hold up long ridable walls, which is better for advanced surfers. Depending on swell direction, waves on one end of the beach can be twice as big as on the other end, so you want to have a good look before you paddle out. Beginners should avoid first 300m from the east, which is a different spot, called Codito. 

Board recommendation for Famara

You can surf in Famara on all kinds of boards. Beginner surfers should go on lower tides, and use bigger boards. Advanced surfers will try to surf it around higher tides. Preferably with a couple of extra litres in your surfboard, unless you rip like a pro. Caleta de Famara is only a few minutes walk from the beach. All you have to do is to park somewhere in town, and you will have a variety of surf shops to choose from. You can rent beginner soft boards, soft tops, classic Longboards, SUP, modern shortboards, and wetsuits.

Surrounding Spots

Next to Playa Famara, you will find more quality waves such as El Codito, El Barco, El Muelle, El Cagao, and San Juan.

Details about the surf spot Playa Famara
Wave direction Rights and Lefts
Surfers Level Beginner to Pro
Bottom Type Sand
Type of Wave Beach Break
Best Tide All Tides
Best wind SW-SE
Swell window W – NE
Ridable size 0.3m-2m
Shore facing NW-NE
Crowd factor Low, except weekends in summer
Atmosphere Peace & Love
Hazards Strong rips on bigger swells
Parking Easy, except weekends in summer
Access Beach

Eat & Sleep in Famara

Caleta de Famara is a proper surfer town. You will see people walking up and down the streets in wetsuits, carrying surfboards under their arms. Food lovers will be amazed by the great food and variety Famara has to offer. Several tapas bars, pizzerias, local fish restaurants, and even Michelin guide mentioned restaurants. The local restaurant El Risco was awarded by Heineken as the Best Restaurant in the Canary Islands in 2019. Surf schools on the main street offer affordable accommodation in a surf house or a private apartment.

Surfing Lessons

Playa Famara is probably one of the best places on the planet to learn surfing. Local surf schools operate on a very high level, hiring only really professional surf instructors. The super useful daily video analysis, and providing the best surf equipment available on the market, has sort of become an industry standard. Canary Islands, are also a tax haven, so the prices for nearly everything are still extremely affordable.