Next to the village centre of Caleta de Famara, you will find El Codito, a tiny rocky open bay, forming the western end of the Famara beach

El Codito might look like a beach break, but it’s not

Beginner surfers should avoid El Codito, as the wave breaks over sand, and rocks! Intermediate to advanced surfers will love this spot, as it’s super easy to access and offers a clean, powerful and quite a hollow wave. From most parts of the village it’s just a few minutes walk. Codito works best on high tide. Avoid low tide, as it gets super shallow, and the waves close out.

Board recommendation for El Codito

This wave can be surfed on any surfboard, from a performance shortboard to a classic Longboard. El Codito has some barreling rights, and some mellow lefts. From El Codito it’s only a few meters walk to the surf shops on the main road of Caleta de Famara. You can rent out all equipment you can desire. Surf boards for beginners and advanced, SUP boards, wetsuits, etc. Most shops operate from 9am to 7pm, offering daily and week-rates for board hire. The rental prices are very affordable, so that it makes sense leaving your boards at home.

  • Wave direction: rights and lefts
  • Surfers Level: intermediate to pro
  • Bottom: sand and rocks
  • Type of wave: sandy reef
  • Surfable tides: High only
  • Best Tide: High
  • Best wind: SW-SE
  • Swell window: North West to North East
  • Required swell size: 1m-2m
  • Shore facing: N
  • Crowd factor: mid, high on weekends
  • Atmosphere: depends on the crowd
  • Hazards: powerful wave, rocks, strong rips on bigger swells
  • Parking: easy
  • Access: beach, rocks in the water

Eat & Sleep

Famara is full of amazing tapas bars and local cuisine restaurants. The range goes from very tasty and affordable snack on the main road of Caleta de Famara, to Restaurante El Risco , which was awarded as Best Restaurant in Canary Islands 2019 by Heineken.

Surf Schools

Surf schools don’t operate in El Codito, because it is absolutely not suitable for beginners. Lessons for Beginners take place in secure part of the beach, where is no rocks. Most surf schools offer day and week-packages for surf courses with accommodation, and board rental.