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Yoga classes in Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Improve your surfing with Yoga, make it safer and more fun!

Yoga and surfing is the perfect combination for every surfer. Surfing and Yoga both contribute to your flexibility as well as strength. Likewise, both activities open your eyes to the beauty around you, as both put you in excellent harmony with your surroundings. Our Surf Yoga meets the physical needs of surfers at all levels and will support your learning experience to the maximum.

Professional surfers like Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, and Cory Lopez practice surf yoga to improve their performance in the water.  In addition, it helps to stay flexible and relaxed during competitions.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote

If everything seems to be happening at the same time, just breathe!

According to the ancient yogic text, the Yogasutra of Patanjali, Yoga means ʻʻThe waves of thoughts come to rest in the spirit.ʼʼ The same will happen to you while you are in the waves of the ocean.

The Red Star Yoga sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of a surfer. Therefore, the focus is on relaxing asanas (exercises), to regenerate the body after a day of surfing. A mixture of stretches and relaxing exercises help your blood circulate through the body more freely. This way you can enjoy the next day’s surf session without feeling sore or physically tired.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote

Yoga and its benefits for surfing

Flexibility, body control, and conscious breathing are essential for progressive surfing. Furthermore, the correct breathing technique will greatly improve your paddling strength, the power of your turns and your speed. In addition, practicing yoga will also highly reduce the risk of injuries.

Balance exercises ease your body into inner peace. Also, you will greatly improve your balance and strength. A couple of breathing and relaxation exercises at the end of the surf yoga class will relax your body and mind.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote


The Red Star Surf & Yoga Camp is located in the heart of Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. A unique place in Europe with warm weather, excellent cuisine and perfect conditions for yoga and watersports all year round.

The beach Playa Famara starts only a few meters from the camp, the beach has a length of 6 km and is perfect for any outdoor and water sports your heart desires.

Rates Yoga classes & Massage
1 CLASS1,5 hours a day€15
5 CLASSES1,5 hours a day€60
PRIVATE CLASS1,5 hours a day€65
MASSAGEFull body massage, 1 hour€45