You will get to this world class left hander barrel by following a dirt track from Famara towards the settlement San Juan

It’s a powerful and unforgiving wave, which breaks over a shallow vertical reef. On higher tides you can surf a short but super hollow right, or a mellow left. The lower the tide, the hollower and shallower it gets, mostly lefts. Watch out for sea urchins on lower tides. Very popular among local surfers, and therefore can get very crowded. San Juan used to host important international surfing events.

Board recommendation for San Juan

San Juan on a lower tide is a fast, barreling wave. Therefore, you will want a fast, pin-tail board to surf it. A board with some rocker in the nose area will help you to manage the vertical drop easier. On a higher tide San Juan becomes much more mellow, so you can surf it on a higher volumed shortboard, or a minimal. Surf shops are located only a few minutes walk in Caleta de Famara.

Wave direction: rights and lefts 

Surfers Level: Advanced to Pro

Bottom: lava reef

Type of wave: reef break

Best wind: SW-S 

Surfable Tides: ALL TIDES

Best Tide: LOW

Swell window: NW-N

Required swell size: 1m-4m

Shore facing: N

Crowd factor: usually high

Atmosphere: tense 

Hazards: powerful wave, sharp rocks, sea urchins, strong rips

Parking: easy

Access: beach, rocks

Eat & Sleep in San Juan area

You can stay in Caleta de Famara, which is only a few minutes walk from San Juan. Famara offers an incredibly great choice on food. Tapas places, several pizzerias, local fish and sea food restaurants, and, of course the Best Canary Islands Restaurant awarded by Heineken in 2019 –  El Risco. Loads of accommodation options by local surf schools.

Surfing Lessons

San Juan is a really heavy wave and can be deadly for surfers who overestimate their skills. Beginners should come to this beach only for watching, or swimming inside the beautiful bay. Surf schools are located in Caleta de Famara. They offer surf courses for beginners and intermediate surfers. Advanced surfers can find plenty of places for surf board rental.

November 8, 2020
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San Juan

November 8, 2020
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El Cagao