Intermediate Surf Lessons

Our advanced surf lessons are focused on helping surfers to have more fun by gaining more control and better flow and consistency to your riding in more challenging waves.

What will I learn in intermediate surf lessons?

  • This course will help you improve your bottom turn and to learn top turns or cutbacks, how to duck dive, and how to take control of your speed. Progress from passively gliding down the wave to actively surfing it.
  • Learn how to generate speed, choose the right manoeuvres to stay in the power pocket of the wave, and how to improve your paddling technique so you use less energy.
  • Our instructors can also help with advanced take off techniques to minimise wipeouts, and help you acquire better wave-reading to avoid close-outs and get a better position in the line-up.

How do intermediate surf lessons work?

  • Short assessment on the beach and in the water will help to determine your surfing level, so the instructor can tailor the right training program with specific exercises for you.
  • Depending on your abilities and goals, we will help you focus on the right exercises and on choosing the right equipment.  We’ll ensure you don’t limit your development through poor equipment choices, such as having too small a board or the wrong fin set-up, etc.
  • All our surf instructors are skilled and professional, certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).
  • We keep our groups small, always working to a maximum of eight students per instructor, in keeping with the recommendation of the ISA.

How quickly will I progress in intermediate surf lessons?

It’s hard to predict how many lessons anyone will need to improve. Some students improve after three lessons, and others need 10 lessons or more. The average is somewhere between 5 and 10 lessons.

As you know, surfing heavily depends on weather conditions, so we always recommend visiting us for a longer period of time – at least for week or two.

The longer you stay with us, the better your surfing could be!

Intermediate surf lessons in Famara Lanzarote Canary Islands with redstarsurf

Improve your surfing level with intermediate surf lessons.



level up your surfing level with intermediate surf lessons

Get ready to get the real waves with intermediate surf lessons

Advanced Surf Lesson Schedule


10:00hMeet at our surf school in Famara. Get fitted with your wetsuit and board, then we drive you the short distance to the beach
10:30h – 12:30hWarm-up on the beach. Practical and theory lessons on the beach before we get in the water. Subject to conditions, we also offer video analysis
12:30h – 12:45h Short break on the beach
12:45h – 14:00hWarm-up on the beach. Practical and theory lessons on the beach before we get in the water
Until 15:00hReturn to our surf school in Famara for lunch. Find out more about surfing from our instructors and (subject to conditions) check out the video analysis

Half-day Surfing Lessons are also available.

If you’re doing a full-day lesson, free hotel pick-up and drop-off can be arranged if you’re not staying with us in Famara. Call us to arrange the details.
Medical insurance included.

The schedule can change due to weather and tide. We highly recommend double-checking with us by calling +34 928 528 808

How to find us

Red Star Surf School & Shop is on the main road in Famara.


You’ll find us opposite the Chiringuito bar and supermarket Otilia.

Our exact address is:

Avenida el Marinero 9, 35558 Caleta de Famara.

Opening hours: 9am to 7pm (9am to 6pm during the winter months).

For reservations or any further questions, call us on +34 928 528 808 or email [email protected]

Intermediate Surf Lessons – PRICES

10 DAYS (50 hrs)€450
7 DAYS (35 hrs)€340
5 DAYS (25 hrs)€250
3 DAYS (15 hrs)€160Surfcamp Lanzarote
1 DAY (5 hrs)€55Surfcamp Lanzarote
1/2 DAY (2.5 hrs)€35Surfcamp Lanzarote
5 DAYS (10 hrs)€450
1 DAY  1:1 (2.5 hrs)€100
1 DAY 1:2 (for two) (2.5 hrs)€160

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